Petrophysicist-Devon – EXPIRED POSTING


Oklahoma City Oklahoma United States

Job Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Description Position provides technical support, coordination and project advisement on petrophysical work programs for Devon’s oil and gas exploration and exploitation efforts. Works with Division teams to integrate log, core, seismic, geologic and engineering data to better understand and quantify the hydrocarbon resource and support the evaluation of pore pressure and seal capacity.

Review and understand petrophysical objectives for well programs

Conduct petrophysical analysis to better understand and quantify the resource

Support the pre-drill estimation of pore pressure for well planning and prospect risking (seal capacity)

Work closely with geologist and geophysicist and other team members to prepare specifications for well evaluation programs

Recommend optimal logging and coring programs to meet G&G and PE objectives

Conduct Petrophysical analysis / calibration on log suites from existing fields

Characterize and integrate core data into regional models through calibration of log and core data as well as development of facies / clustering relationships

Work closely with Geophysicists in application of Rock Physics methods to detailed geophysical projects

Raw log curve editing, normalization, geophysical editing, environmental corrections, calibrating with cores

Determination and integration of reservoir properties in reservoir models

Provide high level customer service to the Geoscience Departments while meeting request deadlines

Document and file all relevant project related information


BS in Physics, Geology, Geophysics or related discipline

Minimum of 10 years working in the oil and gas industry

Experience applying petrophysical technology in domestic oil and gas basins

Advanced knowledge and experience of LWD, wireline, tools and analysis techniques

Advanced knowledge and experience with core data and core-log integration

Experience with both deterministic and probabilistic petrophysical techniques

Experience in both clastic and carbonate basins and complex mineral interpretations and analysis

Experience with overburden stress, net effective stress and pore pressure calculations

Good public speaking and presentation skills

Ability to multitask and prioritize work

Knowledge of Techlog, Geolog and Powerlog software preferred

Devon is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Job ID: 00005593-1

Geochemists and, Geologists, Geophysicists