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Madison Skilled trades jobs booming

In MADISON, Wisconsin the home of one America’s original job market booms for skilled trades workers, blue collar jobs and more – there is the beginning of appears to be a new job boom. ┬áMany of the careers that are becoming available have starting wages at $15 to $17 per hour. The hub of mid-American

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New Program – aims at teens to get more women into Skilled Trade Jobs

Build-A-Dream is a new camp that helps women get more involved what have been traditionally male dominated professions. Spring Break 2017 was an exciting change to the typical teenager mid-year break from school. ┬áThis year, a select group of Windsor female teens took part in Build-A-Dream, a pilot project that’s intended to help promote skilled

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Tech still No. 1 when it comes to hottest jobs

Dive Brief: IT jobs lead the list of the hottest occupations for 2017, according to analysis by CareerBuilder and labor market data provider Emsi. IT has experienced 12% job growth since 2012, the fastest job growth of any industry, having added approximately 472,000 jobs since 2012. “Our research shows that employers are very invested in

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